my setup
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System Information


My machine should be isolated from any development, staging or even production environment while developing any software. For database, I frequently purge my database data and always avoid to using it by using Sqlite if possible.

All daemon services are managed by Homebrew services.

Does it spark joy?

I frequently delete any application that I don't use in 1 month. And always rely on application-level dependency instead of installing it globally


  • Terminal using iTerm 2 Alacritty
  • Package Management using Homebrew
  • ZSH using OhMyZsh
  • NodeJS using fnm
  • Code Editor using neovim
  • Source Control Management using Git
  • Node-based dependency management using Yarn
  • Primary database choice using Sqlite
  • Secondary database choice using Postgres
  • In-memory database choice using Redis
  • Software deployment management using Docker

Node-based global binaries

Favourite CLI

Other things

See my brew and brew cask file